YouTube offers Ad-Supported Movies for free

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YouTube offers Ad-Supported Movies for free

Сообщение johnmartin7042 » Пн дек 17, 2018 2:49 pm

YouTube has been one of the most known players in the video sharing platform comparing to Voot, Hulu or Amazon Prime. But in the later gone days, YouTube charged money to watch full-length movies, which were synced with your Google play store.

According to the latest news, YouTube is now providing a new feature named as “Free To Watch” for all its users. However, you still have to go through the pop-up type advertisements in very frequent intervals to watch these movies.

As till now, 100 movies are added to the Free to “Watch” playlist, and more can be added in the future. Classic movies like The Terminator, Hackers, Saved and Rocky are few amongst this playlist. A California based company, namely Mountain Views Collaborated and agreed for a partnership with renowned Hollywood studios to make this a reality.

Still, this playlist yet only consists of English movies, so if you were hoping for some Bollywood movies to make an entry in this list, you have to wait as YouTube does not have any plans to inculcate other language movies yet.

Although YouTube has used various working models like YouTube premium for a commercial-free subscription or YouTube kids for featuring special kids, show or YouTube gaming where gamers can live stream their gameplay on YouTube, it is the first time when YouTube has thought of multiple ad-support for full-length movies.

Ad-supported videos are not something new or a groundbreaking feature, but it does bring a spotlight on YouTube for experimenting with such an idea and trying new ways to attract viewers. According to me, it is quite a bold step on the part of YouTube, as it can have complications in viewership due to regular pop-ups and Ad brakes hindering in the viewer’s Entertainment, Nor this Watchlist has any latest movies like Avengers or Dead pool which could act as a significant setback for the audience.

source: YouTube offers Ad-Supported Movies for free

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