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we're gonna have our own pantry and we can fill it with whatever stuff we want however I will just kind of list off some of the stuff that I will be purchasing but great I have this almost empty bag of almonds by almonds and both they're amazing they taste good plain you can also get roasted and salted almonds cuz like you can have a little bit more salt if I'm a keto diet cuz when you don't eat carbs your body like flushes water and electrolytes so you need to replenish that but you're a huge chance of almonds really really good for baking good for making like granola cereal all of that good stuff I have tested a couple different recipes one that I think is Chris approved that is basically like a granola bar slash cereal that has flax Chia hemp seeds almonds sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds which I actually have a sofa right here buy these in bulk I 100% recommend you buy these in bulk so these are unroasted unsalted sunflower seeds definitely do that because it's it's so much more e ... opic_bio=1 ... nt-keto-22 ... -keto.html ... /24/194601

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