How to fix iPhone apps that won’t update?

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How to fix iPhone apps that won’t update?

Сообщение alessiamartine » Ср июл 03, 2019 10:39 am

Sometimes we face issues while updating our iPhone apps. There are some reasons behind the issue like space not enough, a poor connection of internet, server issue in the App Store and software glitch. So, here are the best solutions for iPhone apps not updating issue.

Using correct Apple ID

• Click on the App Store app.

• Select Updates.

• Select Purchased.

• Now you can see the list of apps.

Restrictions on iPhone

• Select Settings.

• Click on Screen Time.

• Click on Content and Privacy Restrictions.

• Select Content Restrictions.

• Click on Apps.

• Mark “Allow All Apps.”

Sign out and then sign into the App Store

• Open Settings.

• Click on iTunes and App Store.

• Select Apple ID menu.

• Click Sign Out in the pop-up menu.

• Click on the Apple ID again.

• Now you can again sign in with your Apple ID.

Check free space in your storage

• Go to the Settings.

• Click on General.

• Click on About.

• Now you can see the “available” line. It indicates how much space you have in your storage.

Reboot your iPhone

• Press and hold the sleep button.

• If you do this, then a slider comes at the top of your screen.

• Now move the slider from left to right.

• Now your iPhone will turn off.

• After that, long press the sleep button until the Apple logo comes.

• Then the phone starts up usually.

Update iOS on the iPhone

• Click on the Settings app.

• Scroll downwards to General and click on it.

• Select Software Update.

• If an update is available, then click on Download and Install option.

• If you have secured your iPhone with a passcode, then enter it to start the download.

• When the downloading is complete, click on Install Now.

• After installing the update, your screen goes black, and when the iOS update is finished, your phone is automatically restarted.


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Re: How to fix iPhone apps that won’t update?

Сообщение alexhydra11 » Ср ноя 06, 2019 6:25 pm

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