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attachment to it but it took a long timblack label x
e right it took like that one took me about two years the dairy one I still have dairy every once in a while so I'm not perfect I am not perfect and I don't say I am I was dairy free for a long long time and it's not very often that I have dairy but I still do so what actually happens is when I start to get really lacks about rules or ideas or things like this I usually read eat to live again or I read one of his books I've read Eat to Live 507 times now I'm pretty sure I counted it was like about seven and I'm about to have a new reading of it because I'm feeling like I'm at a place where I want to remind myself with the rules and all that I always use audiobooks when I reread it and so I can just as I'm driving or something like that get those messages into my head again and

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