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Have you tried to execute the Account Live password reset process but failed miserably? There could be two possibilities: you are entering the required recovery details for account live com password reset, wrong or you are not following the correct instructions. In the first case, check out the email address you have entered (if you do not have the access to the email you have entered during the Account Live sign up, then choose the relevant option to recover your account through any other mode). In the other case, perform these steps: visit, enter your registered email address, click Next, enter the Code received on your registered email, click Next, and you would be able to set a new password for your account. For further help, feel free to speak to an expert.

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Geek Squad Tech Support

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Geek Squad provides multinational customer services for any kind of problem or computer problem. American most popular and top-rated Technical support number/ Customer support number/ Geek Squad Tech Support. For your solution +1-888-722-1666

Geek Squad Tech Support|Webroot support number |
Geek Squad Chat

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